College-Building : A.C.V.M.

The Apollo College of Veterinary Medicine (ACVM) Jaipur, has generated MSVE-2016 facilities for teaching B.V.Sc. & A.H. courses and maintained VCI standards of education. It has 17 fully equipped and operational departments, including TVCC and LFC, a well equipped library with repographic facilities, 5 lecture theatres, examination hall, seminar hall, administrative block, hostels for boys and girls, faculty staff quarters, indoor and outdoor games facilities and other ancillary facilities including computer lab to get a the needs of an operational Veterinary College.

The seventeen departments are dedicated to Clinical, Para-clinical, Livestock Production, Management & technology besides Extension. Whereas, Veterinary Clinical Complex (VCC) and Livestock Farm Complex (LFC) are housed in separate buildings under independent control with status of a department. The departments have been created primarily as teaching units with inbuilt provision for service to the livestock and livestock owners.


A.C.V.M. facilities

An excellent library over a floor area 3000 sq. ft. and a reading room. Over 3000 books, 24 titles of National and International Veterinary Journals, Periodicals besides, Monthly magazines & Newspapers constitute reading material freely accessible to student & faculty. Reprographic facilities against reasonably low payment are also available.


A well equipped centralized computer lab with 20 computers, High Speed Broad Band internet connectivity with Wi-Fi facilities open to the students & faculty.

Computer Lab

Five Lecture theatres, equipped with audio-visual aids with seating capacity of 100 students each.


Air conditioned Conference & Meeting Hall equipped with LCD facility, for 150 occupants.

Conference & Meeting Hall

A separate audio-visual library having more than 200 CD's and video cassettes on different discipline related to veterinary and animal sciences. These are issued to teachers and students.


Examination Hall - Capacity 120 students.