1. About the Department:

The veterinary council of India has made a provision for instructional farm complex. The ACVM fulfills all the criteria for this unit. Instructional farm complex has different livestock units viz. cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, equine, camel, rabbit and poultry (Layer and Broiler). The college is rich in fodder museum in which different varieties of green fodder are implanted.

The different livestock units as well as fodder unit have proved very beneficial for the benefits of the farmer as well as trainees of young unemployed youth.

2. Courses Offered:

The teaching faculty working in LFC is handling UG courses in their respective fields of specialization as and when required.

3. Facilities Available/ Department Sections:

The core objectives behind on-going livestock farm complex is to orient the students generate their interest in entrepreneurship so much they become job provider rather than job seeker and significant contribution in the national economy through livestock and product technology.

  • 1. Students are involved in the vaccination and deworming programs of all the farm livestock.
  • 2. They are also involved in the tagging, docking and other day to day operation in the farm viz, cleaning, grooming, milking, routine health care, record keeping and sanitation.
  • 3. The students are also involved in feeding schedule of the farm animals
  • 4. They are also involved in fodder production program in available land in livestock farm complex.

Dr. S.N.Sivaselvam

Dr. Anshita Sharma

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Meena

Dr. Saurabh

Dr. Divya Patel

Dr. Pratipal Singh Kaurav

Mr.Dileep Sharma

Dr.Kartika Nagar

Dr. Mohd.Akil Dyar