1. About the Department:

Veterinary Pharmacology is the study of the mechanisms by which drugs alter physiological, biochemical and cellular activities in living organisms. Veterinary Toxicology is focused on understanding how chemical agent’s produces toxicity in living organisms. The Department of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology was established in the year 2003 along with the inception of the college. Ever since its inception the department is active in teaching, research and extension activities. The Department is engaged in undergraduate teaching programme abiding by latest VCI curriculum. Further, the department is involved to do some research work and drug trial studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical and ayurvedic drug companies.

2. Courses Offered:

A. Theory (Credit Hours: 4 + 1)

Sr. No. Units Course Title
1 Unit-1 : General Pharmacology
2 Unit-2 : Drugs acting on Autonomic Nervous System
3 Unit-3 : Drugs acting on Central Nervous System
4 Unit-4 : Drugs acting on Different Body Systems
5 Unit-5 : Veterinary Chemotherapy
6 Unit-6 : Veterinary Toxicology

B. Practical

Sr. No. Unit Course Title
1 Unit 1 : General Pharmacology
2 Unit 2 : ANS Pharmacology
3 Unit-3 : CNS Pharmacology
4 Unit-4 : Veterinary Chemotherapy
5 Unit-5 : Veterinary Toxicology

3. Facilities Available :

The Department has excellent laboratory facilities and adequate infrastructure to cater to the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. The Department has three laboratories set up as per MSVE 2016 for UG teachings viz. Experimental Pharmacology Lab, Pharmacy Lab, Toxicology and Chemotherapy Lab.

4. Departmental Publications: (Manuals, Folders, Magazines, Leaflets etc.)

  • A. Undergraduate Manuals:
  • 1. Laboratory Manual VPT Paper – I :- Unit 1 & 2
  • 2. Laboratory Manual VPT Paper – II :- Units 3, 4 and 5

B. Extension material such as leaflets and folders has been prepared for distribution among the Livestock farmers.


Dr. Rajkishor Gogoi

Dr. Mamta Meena