I Dulhe Ram Meena, Working Trustee take pride in releasing a profile on Apollo College of veterinary medicine. The ACVM, Jaipur made its modest beginning on 6 Oct 2003 and in India it happens to be pioneering institution in private sector. The college is venturing to produce quality graduates who will be equipped with needed skills and shall be worthy to fulfil the aspiration of the society at large.

      This institute has excellent facilities to house 15 fully equipped departments, a clinical complex, and livestock instructional farms, modern class rooms with modern teaching aids, library, computer lab and internet facilities to all the departments.

      The ACVM is proud to have ultra-modern clinical complexes as well as diagnostic facilities to cater to basic needs of treatment of all types of animals and Poultry. The Instructional Livestock Farms have Cattle, Buffalo, Horse, Goats, pig and Layers. The students are also given hands on training at equine stud farms.

      The institute is an ideal place for acquiring education in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry. The programme and training are so arranged that students get wide exposure of hands on training in diversified spectrum of Veterinary and Animal science education including rural sociology, Socio economic and marketing aspects of livestock

      The mission of the institute is to produce quality graduates who possess the capacity and capability to serve the society effectively in livestock sector. Entrepreneur courses are organised to build in the confident amongst graduates to establish their own venture in private sector.


Dulhe Ram Meena (Working Trustee)