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Veterinary Clinical Complex

      VETERINARY CLINICAL COMPLEX (VCC) constitutes a integral part of ACVM academic activities. It provides hand on training & experience to senior student on clinical aspect of animal disease as well as clinical service to the sick animals visiting ACVM, while integrating the clinical activities & training in the speciality of departments ofVeterinary Medicine, Gynecology, Surgery & Radiology besides modern diagnostics services including portable X-ray for large animals, still X-ray for small animals, Ultrasonography, Inhalant anesthesia, electrocautery, Automatic Electrocardiography (ECG) and Multiparameter monitor, microscopic demonstration & serological detection of the pathogens attributed to animal diseases. Oflate the TVCC has attained a status of a recognised Referral Clinics for complicated cases visiting veterinary Polyclinics/Hospitals in the state.

Mobile Ambulatory Clinical Services:

      An ambulatory van fitted with essential tools, medicines for the outdoor treatment at the door steps of livestock owners in rural areas. The ambulatory clinic is under the leadership of the Director and is operational all the 6 days a week & caters health care needs, animal production consultancy to the households located in rural areas in the 25 km. radius of the college. It also accord an opportunity to understand field problems faced by the Livestock owners & finding solutions thereof by the team of ACVM experts besides a surveillance upon emerging problem on profitable animal farming.


Small Animal & Pet hospital have :-

1. Three OPD for small animals/pets ( Surgery, Medicine & Gynecology

2. Two well equipped Operation theatres

3. X-ray & room, Ultra- sonography room

4. Sterilization room

5. ICU and recovery room

Large Animal Hospital :-

1. Animal examination complex fitted with multiple travses

2. Operation theatre

3. X-Ray & Sonographic unit

4. Sterilization complex

5. Indoor wards for Equines, Cattle, Buffalo and small ruminants

6. Accommodation for the owner of the indoor patient

Equine & Wild Animal Sections :-

1. OPD (Examination hall)

2. Operation theatre

3. Room for tread mill

4. Research Lab.

5. Indoor wards.

6. Physiotherapy unit.

Health Care to animals in captivity :-

      The existing facilities are also extended to cater health care needs of wild life, birds in captivity (Zoo animals) and animals forest sanctuaries. The clinical staff is deputed as an when request are received from the departments/ Stud farms.

Lecture theatre & Clinical Conference room :-

      The first floor of TVCC building accommodates multipurpose big halls besides a lecture theatre. The accommodation is well furnished & equipped to cater the emergency treatment needs and clinical conferences with experts & interns.

Clinical Diagnostic

      Includes centralized blood & body fluid chemistry, parasitic and microbiological evaluation, post mortem & histo-pathology, X-Ray, ultra-sonography & pregnancy diagnostics under one roof, extended to indoor & outdoor veterinary patients, referral cases by field veterinarians, State Veterinary hospitals, Entrepreneurs etc. at a nominal cost. Consequently the TVCC has been quite popular and regularly generating funds to tune of Rs 3,40,000 p.a, through consultancy, diagnostic/hospitalization and indoor care of sick animals.

Other facilities in TVCC

Reception hall and registration counters

Post mortem facility with proper carcass disposal

Resident & night duty

Clinical diagnostic

Central pharmacy

Examination hall

Faculty Members


Dr. Rakesh Mishra

Dr. Brahmanand


Dr. Sandeep Marodia

Dr. Surendra Koli