1. About the Department:

The department offers undergraduate courses in the field of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education. The department is actively engaged in extension activities like conducting NSS camps and Treatment cum vaccination camps in the adopted villages by the college. The department is engaged in preparation of extension materials and publishes various leaflets, pamphlets, folders for the animal husbandry activities and distributes to livestock farmers on regular basis.

2. Courses Offered:

A. Theory (Credit Hours: 3 + 1)

Sr. No. Units Course Title
1 Unit-1 Livestock based livelihoods and their evolution
2 Unit-2 Extension education and development
3 Unit-3 Rural sociology in veterinary extension
4 Unit-4 Transfer of technology for livestock development
5 Unit-5 Communication and extension teaching methods
6 Unit-6 Livestock economics and marketing
7 Unit-7 Livestock entrepreneurship
8 Unit-8 Information and communication technology
9 Unit-9 Contemporary issues in livestock enterprises

3. Facilities Available :

The department is well equipped with museum cum livestock advisory unit, group discussion chamber, mini seminar room, photographic facility unit, projection unit and A.V. technology unit as per MSVE 2016.

4. Departmental Publications: (The department has published undergraduates’ manuals )

  • 1. Manual-I :- Unit 1
  • 2. Manual-II :- Unit 2

The department has published various farmer oriented pamphlets, leaflets, folders, Magazines, Newsletters etc. for the benefit of the farmers and unemployed youths.

Dr. Selvam. S.

Dr. Harshita Bhumra